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About Us

Delivering Exceptional Experiences for Children Throughout South West UK

Plymkids Theatre Company started in 1998 and is dedicated to providing children with opportunities to learn and perform on stage. We put on three full company-based shows every year and offer weekly classes for students to learn singing, dancing, and stage techniques. Our mission is to deliver exceptional experiences for children throughout South West UK. We believe in fostering creativity, building self-confidence, and providing unrivalled experiences to appear in professional shows.

John Smith

Artistic Director

John Smith is a seasoned theatre professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has directed and produced numerous shows for children and adults alike.

Jane Doe

Business and Operations Director

Jane Doe brings a wealth of business experience to the team. She is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of Plymkids Theatre Company and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Sarah Lee


Sarah Lee is an accomplished choreographer who has worked on a variety of productions for stage and screen. She is passionate about teaching children the art of dance and helping them to express themselves creatively.

Mike Johnson

Music Director

Mike Johnson is a talented musician and composer who has written music for a number of successful productions. He works closely with our performers to create amazing soundscapes that bring our shows to life.

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